Finding a teaching Job in Oxfordshire

Posted on September 26, 2014 at 3:07 pm

Oxfordshire is amongst the best places to be a teacher in the UK. Boasting an envy inducing selection of the countries best state and independent schools coupled with an inviting culture that blends the best of country and city living, Oxford is hard to beat. Although the last few years have been tough for teachers, teaching remains one of the most reliable and secure careers available in the UK. Being in a teacher in the UK gives you a flexibility which jobs in other industries in the UK don’t enjoy, and a security which many other careers lack. A teacher can move and be highly likely to find employment elsewhere, and there will always be demand for a good teacher. That’s because nurturing the minds of the next generation is an important, and, crucially, transferable skill. If you’re thinking about a change of scenery and you’ve worked as a teacher before, then you’re in a great position to get the job that you want.

Whilst some teaching jobs can be in less than desirable areas, this is not a problem when it comes to teaching jobs in Oxfordshire. The City of Oxford is consistently rated amongst the best places to live in the country. Only one hour from London by train, it enjoys its own thriving arts scene, no doubt helped by the cohort of students and academics who live in its tree lined, leafy streets. With beautiful architecture courtesy of the one thousand year old University and a huge array of restaurants, cafes and historic pubs to eat and drink in, Oxford is a wonderful city to live and teach in. Furthermore it has become a hub for language schools over the last decade, so if you want to earn more over your summer break jobs are readily available.
If country living isn’t your thing that’s not a problem. Oxfordshire has a total of 23 independent schools and 35 state secondary schools, not including a host more preparatory schools and state primary schools. Whilst the city has many of these schools, the countryside has more than it’s fair share, and teaching jobs in Oxfordshire are available throughout the city and countryside. Known for it’s idyllic pastoral landscape, the Oxfordshire countryside has been the inspiration for everything from Tolkein’s Shire to Candleford from the eponymous ‘Lark Rise to Candleford’. Weekends in the countryside can be happily spent walking, inspecting a country pub, or watching point-to-point horse racing. Stately homes practically litter the countryside, and many of the counties independent schools, as well as one or two state schools, are housed in lovely historical buildings. Independent schools usually offer higher pay and a greater level of perks, sometimes including on site accommodation. With this can come a greater level of responsibility, as at boarding schools you may be asked to work past normal hours. But it’s a balancing act, and different people love different types of teaching. The bonus is that no matter your preference, it’s likely that Oxford has what you’re looking for.

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