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A different approach to finding a job

Posted on February 23, 2015 at 9:02 pm

When starting the hunt for a new job most people will trawl through numerous listing either at the jobcentre, online or in the newspaper. This will provide you with a long list of many vacancies for all sorts of available positions however sometimes, particularly if the job is advertised through a recruitment firm, the company that is advertising the position won’t be named. This means that you end up applying for a job with no idea who your future employer could be.

One of the most important things to consider when you’re looking for a job is what sort of company you’d be working for and it’s always worth knowing that in advance so that you can research the company ethics, their business history and their market reputation.

Normally the company that you work for is more important than the role that you are applying for as with most companies it’s fairly easy to move around internally once you have your foot in the door. With this in mind it could be an idea to research a company that you like and send them your CV with a good cover letter to simply ask to be considered for any future positions, regardless of whether the company have advertised vacancies or not.   If you have a good CV and show willing they may just find you a role or offer you a position that they haven’t even advertised for yet.

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Finding a teaching Job in Oxfordshire

Posted on September 26, 2014 at 3:07 pm

Oxfordshire is amongst the best places to be a teacher in the UK. Boasting an envy inducing selection of the countries best state and independent schools coupled with an inviting culture that blends the best of country and city living, Oxford is hard to beat. Although the last few years have been tough for teachers, teaching remains one of the most reliable and secure careers available in the UK. Being in a teacher in the UK gives you a flexibility which jobs in other industries in the UK don’t enjoy, and a security which many other careers lack. A teacher can move and be highly likely to find employment elsewhere, and there will always be demand for a good teacher. That’s because nurturing the minds of the next generation is an important, and, crucially, transferable skill. If you’re thinking about a change of scenery and you’ve worked as a teacher before, then you’re in a great position to get the job that you want.


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Working as a recruitment consultant in the UK

Posted on August 20, 2014 at 12:37 pm

A recruitment consultant is responsible for finding potential employees for vacancies that a client has available within their company. These positions may be permanent or temporary / Full time or part time within many industries. Some recruitment consultant companies specialise within one particular industry, such as teaching.

To become a successful recruitment consultant, you need to be confident in talking to people from all backgrounds. You need to have the ability to network and establish good relationships with clients and potential recruits.

Recruitment consultants attract candidate by creating advertisements based on information that they have been given to them from a client wishing to offer a post. The consultant will also be expected to liaise with clients and candidates on expected salary levels, training pathways and career advice.

Being a recruitment consultant can be a very rewarding job and you can often quickly progress to an account managers position if you show willing and obtain results.


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Finding a job in the UK

Posted on July 19, 2014 at 2:08 pm

Recent studies have found that it is harder than ever to find a job in the UK at present. This is purely because there are more people looking for work following on from the recession where many people find themselves out of a job. There is much more competition for each job advertised so you really do need to make yourself stand out from the crowd in order to land the vacancy.


When updating your CV make sure that you highlight the unique qualities you have and experience / qualifications for that particular position. Ideally you want to tweak your CV for each company you are sending it to as each job will require a different skill set and you need to make the reader aware of how you believe you suit the position.

When attending an interview, make sure you are punctual, well dressed and prepared. If you can do all of these things it will not only impress but will give you the confidence you need to succeed.

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Teaching Jobs to make a career in Lincoln

Posted on April 12, 2014 at 4:40 pm

Teaching has always been known as a noble career and even referred to as a calling. It can be very rewarding especially with reforms carried out on teachers’ pay to standardise salaries of teachers with other professions. The staring salary of teaching jobs Lincoln match most of those paid in other professions and with experience and good performance there is a financial reward and rapid progression in this chosen career path.

Teaching jobs in Lincoln come with more benefits than just the pay or watching students become people of substance in the society. As a teacher if you take up other responsibilities you are entitled to payments referred to as TLR, teaching and learning responsibility payments. The holidays are longer for teachers than those available to many other professions. Generally, a teacher will be in school for 195 days a year which could increase slightly with additional holiday sessions but the other time they get to relax, unwind ad gather their strength for another school term. Teacher’s pension is another benefit that teachers can look forward to. This pension scheme is the second largest in the public sector I the entire country.

Teachers in the larger Lincolnshire area are protected by the NUT which advocates for their pay and pension issues. This organisation ensures that teachers not only in the county town of Lincolnshire that is Lincoln are catered to and their pays and pensions paid on time and that they are sufficient but also those in the whole county. Failure to this, the organisation calls for a strike until negotiations are made and a favourable outcome is achieved. This means that a teaching job will come with some guaranteed sense of financial security that is safeguarded from infringement.

At any given time there are several teaching jobs Lincoln that are available in different specialties and levels of education. For example primary teachers are always in demand because of rollover of students with each school term, lecturers for institutions of higher learning, teachers of different subjects, teaching assistants, special schools teachers and physical education instructors and tutors. The employment can be permanent or temporary and qualified teachers looking for employment can submit their details to the various local schools or enrol as members of organisations which supplies teachers or teaching assistants to various schools in Lincoln.

Different institutions will pay different salaries; have different requirements for teachers in their faculties as well as different governing rules like dress codes, timetables and duties. However as long as you have the right teaching qualifications through the completion of the initial teaching training along with achieving qualified teacher status, you can fit in pretty much anywhere. Teaching is a career that has been around since the biblical times and is one that is still growing. Although getting into teaching may not be a calling for everyone practicing it, it offers a stable and rewarding career.

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