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Teaching jobs in UK

Posted on September 16, 2013 at 8:21 am

If you are a newly qualified UK teacher or you are just about to qualify, you will need to start looking for your first teaching job.

New qualified teachers usually can find their first position in the school where they had their work placement. Would be good to get some advice from the teaching staff in the school you had your work placement. You can also directly contact local authorities because there are schools that recruit teachers through local authorities. The local authorities can recommend you where to find schools that are recruiting. A new qualified teacher you have also other options in your job search. You can use some internet specialised websites that provide services to help find teaching jobs.

When you are looking for your first job in teaching you will be required to have some experience working with the age range you want to teach, either through volunteering or paid work. The experience required usually refers to volunteering for summer camps, holiday play schemes and youth clubs, lesson observations, or experience as a classroom assistant. Depending on what kind of route into teaching you have chosen you will also gain practical teaching experience during your teaching training.

For primary and secondary school teaching is required to have a Bachelor of Education or a BA or BSc with Qualified Teacher Status. In case you don’t meet the requirements you also can have access to teaching jobs for independent schools that are permitted to hire teachers without a Qualified Teacher Status or a Teaching Qualification.

Qualified Teacher Status can be gained following a Postgraduate Certificate in Education, or a Professional Graduate Diploma in Education in Scotland. This certification is available at many colleges and universities. In England and Wales you can follow a Graduate Teacher Programme that is an employment based training where you acquire classroom experience. Other routes to a teaching career are Teach First, School Direct and School centred initial teacher training programme.

As a new qualified teacher you can also apply for supply teaching jobs. There are many agencies that offer placement on these kinds of temporary vacancies. Before choosing a supply placement agency is better to make your research on reviews about the best available options.

One of the most reliable agencies for placement of supply teachers in the UK is Simply Education. The agency can greatly help your efforts in searching for a supply teacher job. They have a team of professional consultants with good expertise. Their placement services come at very competitive rates. The feedback and reviews from others that used their services are highly positive.

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