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How To Use Social Media To Gain A Job And Live A Whole New Life

Posted on October 13, 2013 at 11:25 am

Finding a job isn’t like what it was once. People used to get jobs from newspaper ads and word of mouth. However, this has changed. Technology has made is so much easier. It is a whole lot faster to locate job prospects that are out there. How to use social media to gain a job and live a whole new life is possible. You just have to put yourself out there on the internet. You should never give up seeking the right job for yourself. If you take advantage of using social media to find employment. It will prove to be a fast track to helping you find the right job. The presence of social media has changed the way people look for work now.


One way to get social media to work in your favour as far as jobs go is by creating a professional online identity. There are a lot of potential employers who do screen job candidates online. Therefore, put any experience you have in a certain field, into an online profile. Detail what you do best and what kind of work you are looking for.

Having an online profile and resume is a great way to get seen by countless employers on the internet. You should also make a note to follow friends on Facebook, Twitter, and other social networking sites. By following others and making friends is a good way to find out about job leads. You should also continue to do lots of research online. Look for any blogs about jobs and career communities. Make sure to check out online job ad sites, crowd sourcing sites, and freelance sites for workers online.

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Teaching jobs in UK

Posted on September 16, 2013 at 8:21 am

If you are a newly qualified UK teacher or you are just about to qualify, you will need to start looking for your first teaching job.

New qualified teachers usually can find their first position in the school where they had their work placement. Would be good to get some advice from the teaching staff in the school you had your work placement. You can also directly contact local authorities because there are schools that recruit teachers through local authorities. The local authorities can recommend you where to find schools that are recruiting. A new qualified teacher you have also other options in your job search. You can use some internet specialised websites that provide services to help find teaching jobs.

When you are looking for your first job in teaching you will be required to have some experience working with the age range you want to teach, either through volunteering or paid work. The experience required usually refers to volunteering for summer camps, holiday play schemes and youth clubs, lesson observations, or experience as a classroom assistant. Depending on what kind of route into teaching you have chosen you will also gain practical teaching experience during your teaching training.

For primary and secondary school teaching is required to have a Bachelor of Education or a BA or BSc with Qualified Teacher Status. In case you don’t meet the requirements you also can have access to teaching jobs for independent schools that are permitted to hire teachers without a Qualified Teacher Status or a Teaching Qualification.

Qualified Teacher Status can be gained following a Postgraduate Certificate in Education, or a Professional Graduate Diploma in Education in Scotland. This certification is available at many colleges and universities. In England and Wales you can follow a Graduate Teacher Programme that is an employment based training where you acquire classroom experience. Other routes to a teaching career are Teach First, School Direct and School centred initial teacher training programme.

As a new qualified teacher you can also apply for supply teaching jobs. There are many agencies that offer placement on these kinds of temporary vacancies. Before choosing a supply placement agency is better to make your research on reviews about the best available options.

One of the most reliable agencies for placement of supply teachers in the UK is Simply Education. The agency can greatly help your efforts in searching for a supply teacher job. They have a team of professional consultants with good expertise. Their placement services come at very competitive rates. The feedback and reviews from others that used their services are highly positive.

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Advantages of Online Recruitment Agencies

Posted on August 20, 2013 at 10:01 am

The advent of the internet has revolutionized literally everything. The recruitment process is not the exception either as recruitment agencies have had to embrace the changes in their day to day operations, with the main result being that it is greatly simplified. This explains the surging popularity of online recruitment.

There are many benefits of having online recruitment agencies. The huge databases makes it easier for employers to get the necessary access to the right people. The response gotten by advertising a job posting in an online agency is better compared to posting the same Ad in a newspaper.

With online recruitment agencies, employers can recruit from any locality. There is even better news; the Ads are not expensive and can be published anytime, and done so more easily. So, if you are out looking for people to work in your firm then why not try an online recruitment agency? You will save both time and money.

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Hunting for a job in the UK

Posted on June 14, 2013 at 2:57 pm

Job hunting in this economy can pose an authentic challenge, but if you could have enough faith, as well as true personal initiative from the beginning. You can truly come up with a success from your job search in every way. With the help of some brief methods for good job hunting, you can be on your way to some whole new start, with a whole new job being shown to people there for tomorrow.

The first brief tip for job hunting is this. You will need to be determined to be two things in the get go, and that might be both proactive and constructive in approach, where your livelihood search is concerned. Negativity or quitting just won’t obtain it, so don’t do it. Stay vigilant and believe in yourself to make a good outcome for people. The second brief hint for job hunting is usually obvious. Get a lot of resumes out there, around you can, and try to apply for all your job openings that do get those attention and that you imagine you’d like for a position. The more stuff that you receive out there, the better you’ll feel about the total process, because if you put enough applications in the air – something is bound to come falling back down on you in an effective way.

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Supply Teaching in the UK. What do you need to know?

Posted on May 31, 2013 at 10:54 am

This working conditions associated with supply teachers usually are clearly stipulated from the STPCD (School Teacher’s Spend and Condition Document). Pay progression for supply teachers employed directly with the local authority or maybe the governing body of the school is a guarantee and it needs to be done on a similar base as frequent teachers. The work conditions stipulated from the STPCD fully sign up for supply teachers utilized directly. However, the STPCD doesn’t fully sign up for supply teachers utilized via agencies when they are subject on their own terms along with agreements. The Burgundy Ebook national agreement on occupational sick shell out or occupational expectant mothers pay doesn’t sign up for supply teachers. Even so, there are certain circumstances in which supply teachers may qualify legislative rights for you to sick or expectant mothers pay. Previously, solely regular teachers were pensionable but since at 1st Present cards 2007, supply teaching arrangements happen to be involuntarily pensionable within the Teachers’ Pensions Plan. However, after the first day at work is in excess of supply teachers will probably become complacent since work progresses since they harbour the mentality that they’re just hanging around before the regular teacher reports back. This thinking process is hazardous for you to both parties. This really is so, because it foils the particular supply teacher through giving their very best at work. In order to avert this, it is necessary for the school administration to produce supply teachers using well outlined guidelines of the duties and tasks.

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